Five Methods for Making a Homemade Prostate Massager Toy

Discover many methods for creating your own DIY prostate massager. This is not the safest way to obtain one, despite the fact that it is possible, as it circumvents several safety regulations.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the incredible Super-O and have decided that you want to try it for yourself…

Possibly, you have financial constraints that restrict you from purchasing a toy like the Lelo Hugo from a store.

Here are five methods you may improvise and create your own prostate massager.

Please note, however, that this is NOT the safest way to get one, since it may result in damage or malfunction during usage.

I would encourage you to get $10 p-massagers that have been tried and proven!

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Dangers and Precautions

How can we know whether our inventive DIY creations are becoming harmful for prolonged use?


This is the true concern with the majority of DIY sex gadgets. Individually, we cannot always guarantee the sturdiness or longevity of these items.

This is mostly due to the fact that the majority of the time it just slapping together whatever is available.

Moreover, we rarely give it much attention as long as they deliver the desired outcome.

What we do not know is whether or not the combination of certain of these pieces or components may result in hazardous consequences (e.g. rusting).

This is further exacerbated by the usage of products that are not medically authorised for use on humans. This may cause or exacerbate an injury to the anal cavity of the user.

A really accurate statement on the case of DIY butt plugs…

Simply put, we are continually traversing extremely hazardous terrain. It is widely acknowledged, based on the opinions and experiences of the vast majority of people, that doing it yourself is fraught with danger.

Therefore, if discretion or privacy is your primary concern, I would choose Shevibe or Lovehoney.

There, you may discreetly place your order and get your industry-approved and safe-to-use product.

You should also pay close attention to the basic construction of your DIY plug. It is required that your design have a safety measure.

This should prevent the toy from shattering or being lost within the genitalia. To do this, a crosspiece or flange must be included around the base.

However, I stress that you should purchase one immediately. You can purchase butt plugs for as little as ten dollars, buddy. The risk is just NOT worth taking.

Either that, or you end yourself in emergency rooms on your stomach. While attempting to “explain” how a banana shattered and became lodged in your buttocks. Yet you never do groceries:/

“As someone who works in emergency care, I’ve seen too many people with different objects stuck in their rectum as a result of the use of homemade anal plugs or unorthodox anal toys in general…

Please, unless you are a competent glass or metal craftsman, invest in a suitable tool, which can be purchased for less than twenty dollars.

You can purchase authentic, high-quality silicon plugs at low prices on Amazon or AliExpress (but read the reviews first). (There are even glass and stainless steel versions at reasonable costs)”

1 If you’re skilled in glassblowing or carpentry

This only works provided you have the necessary tools to shape wood or glass into the specified body shape.

The objective is to manufacture plugs with rounded tips and to assure safety by covering the wood. This will at least clog the pores and reduce the retention of germs.

Again, ensure that you have the correct blueprint for body design. It is essential for effortless insertion and hand-holding.

Even better would be if you could acquire superior proofing equipment. This would be useful to ensure that your invention would not kill you.

In contrast, the required glass would be heavy-duty and difficult to break. This is essential for preventing fractures caused by frequent angling, which may pinch if the glass cracked.

And to cap it off…

Ensure that your coat is tailored to your height! Get the internal length accurate so that the end product has the correct dimensions.

It will help you achieve your p-spot with more precision. It will also prevent you from introducing excessively large sizes that may cause more agony than pleasure.

2 Employ Clone-A-Willy

This is the simplest method for creating a silicone penis mould.

Timing is the key factor here. You must simultaneously mix your mould, obtain a boner, and lay your peen within the mould for two minutes.

This would be easier if you had a companion who could assist you with the mould while you concentrated on standing upright.

Overall, a cock ring might aid in maintaining an erection. The fact that it is worn behind the testicles guarantees that it closely resembles the natural penis.

The diagram below demonstrates how to add a base:

Save the upper length of the cut-off mould holder after trimming the excess tube.
Form your peen as instructed.
Once it has dried, reassemble the cut-up length on top, leaving sufficient length for the base.
After mixing the silicone, pour it in according to the instructions, being careful to fill the additional length glued to the top.
And there goes a ready-to-swing nasty Willy.

3 Purchase a low-cost prostate massager instead!

As stated previously, making a handmade prostate massager is not the wisest course of action. That is if you consider the danger aspect and the brief length of time you may utilise them before they break down.

In other words, you can select the difficult path and continue to fiddle with tools in the garage. Or you may opt to cut your losses and get a SAFE, inexpensive, but functional p-massager!

And to provide you with some excellent possibilities… I suggest Lovehoney Booty Buddy ($10 – $15) as the number one option. It is certified for human consumption and ships in a discrete box.

As for number two, I would recommend the Apollo Curved Prostate Probe ($10.99), which performs the same purpose and ships discreetly.

Also available at number three is the Cloud 9 Silicone Curved G-Spot Massager ($15.99). Contrary to its name, this toy may also be used to provide excellent anal stimulation.

Check out our review of Lelo Billy for another excellent alternative.

4 Household Items That Are Useful

Here are some home things you may tweak to provide a temporary solution:

A. Power Toothbrush

These are already equipped with vibrations. You may merely need to confirm that it is water-resistant. Otherwise, your anus will be filled with little lightning bolts!

Additionally, do not use the end of the brush… You’ll bleed buddy… Real terrible.

Cucumbers, B.

This fruit is frequently employed as a penis replacement. Wrap it in a condom after cleaning, and you’re all set.

You must take special care NOT to select a ripe one. This is due to the fact that the anal sphincters can crush them up and produce a significant mess.

C. Spoon

Spoons may also be used to pick your butt. To the extent that they have a well-rounded handle on one end.

Glass, stainless steel, and hard plastic, among others, are preferable over wooden models. This is because microporous wooden surfaces absorb and contain germs when used orally.

This may induce a severe infection if reintroduced into the body.

D. Candlesticks

Candles has the essential phallic form for any insertable toy.

Their sole edge over the competition is their adaptability. This makes it easier on your anal walls, but you must still be careful not to break them.

Otherwise, you’ll have to walk with a wick protruding from your derriere.

5 Ask Your Partner To Help Out

This is a straightforward situation. If your companion is there, you can return to the powerful finger!


I am aware that this is a bit uncreative. However, if you hire an expert navigator, you may lose cum every time he or she launches a come-hither manoeuvre over your p-spot.

Notable is the importance of maintaining cleanliness throughout this type of prostate stimulation.

And to do this, you may place a condom over your fingers prior to fingering. Additionally, ensure that your fingernails are trimmed to avoid damaging the condom or fragile anal tissue.


Making a handmade prostate massager is not rocket science, but it is a risky proposition.

The secret to creating a primitive DIY project is to give it a curved tip and a flared base. This is easier to do if you have woodworking or glassblowing skills.

However, if you examine all the hazards and inconveniences associated with these devices, you will discover that purchasing one is the better option.

You may get butt plugs that are both AFFORDABLE ($10 – $20) and SAFE.

I hope this has clarified any issues you may have had about constructing a prostate massager.

Have you appreciated this article? I’m sure you’ll find our male perineum massage guide just as intriguing.

Until next time… Ciao!

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