Does prostate massage help premature ejaculation?

What if I told you that you may treat premature ejaculation by inserting your finger into your buttock?

It may appear that I am kidding, but I am not.

Prostate massage is a true practise that millions of men across the world enjoy for a variety of reasons. Some men take it for health reasons, some for sexual pleasure, and others for performance enhancement.

I witnessed pornographic celebrities attempting to prolong their lives with prostate massage. When I was working “in the field,” we attempted everything to extend our time on the job. I truly mean it…for ANYTHING.

Even prostate massage. Today, we will determine whether prostate massage may be used to treat premature ejaculation.

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What Does Prostate Massage Entail?

As you may have guessed, prostate massage involves massaging…the prostate.

Describe the prostate. For people who are not medical professionals, the prostate gland produces seminal fluid, which mixes with sperm to form semen. The prostate is situated behind the testicles.

Why would you want to perform a prostate massage? For the same reason you massage any object.

When a muscle (such as the back) is overworked or injured, a massage reduces inflammation and makes the body feel better.

The prostate massage is based on the same principle. Your prostate can get inflamed over time, resulting in health problems, and guess what helps?… Prostate massage.

You may be shocked to learn that prostate dysfunction can lead to a variety of health problems. Do you know the typical treatment for prostate problems? Prostate massage.

The doctor will, indeed, insert his finger into your genitalia for health reasons.

How To Perform Prostate Massage

If you do not wish to visit a physician, you (or your spouse) can do a prostate massage at home. This is how.

  • Begin by defecating to cleanse the rectum.
  • Insert your finger (or a probe)
  • Rub the prostate 2 to 5 inches in (depending on the man)

From then, it is identical like touching a woman. There are several methods available. Focus on enjoyment and you will discover what works.

If you have never placed anything orally before, it may be difficult at first, but with practise you will learn to relax.

I’d supply more information, but to be honest, I’m not a fan, and it’s not great for premature ejaculation.

Massage Of The Prostate For Premature Ejaculation

Can you use prostate massage for premature ejaculation? Maybe.

Doctors would never recommend prostate massage to prevent premature ejaculation.

Doctors do not know how to effectively cure premature ejaculation. They would likely prescribe longer-lasting condoms or maybe Viagra (which I do not recommend).

Does it work even if physicians wouldn’t prescribe it?

The concise answer is no.

The extended response is that it can benefit for two reasons.

First Cause: Prostate Inflammation

As with any other muscle, organ, or joint, the prostate can become inflamed and enlarge. This enlargement is normal, and some enlargement is to be expected as men age.

Age, stress, rage, and even infection can all cause swelling.

Typically, swelling does not create any problems, but occasionally it does (like premature ejaculation).

When your prostate is inflamed, it increases urethral pressure. This pressure is responsible for the “I NEED TO CUM NOW!” sensation that occurs prior to orgasm.

When the pressure to ejaculate is relieved, premature ejaculation ceases.

This is why some men like masturbating before to sexual activity; it reduces pressure in their genitalia.

Thus, massage can assist prevent premature ejaculation. A relaxed prostate will eliminate the urge for orgasm and bring other advantages.

Reason No. 2: Relaxation of the Mind

In all honesty, this is why I enjoy a nice prostate massage.

It’s a massage of a very delicate spot. In addition to calming the prostate, massage is a tremendously pleasant sensation.

There are several nerve endings in this location, so you get a variety of pleasant sensations, but…this is not a sexual sensation. You cannot ejaculate during prostate massage, thus it is not the same as having your penis massaged.

It is difficult to convey without personal experience.

Some men like orgasming during prostate massage, but I’ve never experienced it. Because it is difficult to rub the prostate long enough and in the proper posture, I end up having sex instead. If you can orgasm, it is wonderful, but there are other ways to unwind.

As you may know, deep breathing and relaxation are excellent methods for extending your endurance. In this case, prostate massage might be advantageous.

You will quickly discover that a good prostate massage delivers a pleasant, relaxing high, particularly when administered by your spouse. This will help you endure longer, but it will not produce lasting effects…

What REALLY Works

Massage of the prostate may feel wonderful, but it will not actually help you live longer. Consult a physician and get a massage if you’re experiencing prostate health issues.

However, what about healthy males who just wish to live longer?

In this instance, you require the skills utilised by actual sex pros, such as porn stars.

I worked in the film industry for years, and I can assure you that no porn performers warm up for a scene by inserting their finger into their buttocks.

So, what did we utilise in order to film a scenario for 30 to 60 minutes?

The truth is that we were masters of our own dicks and treated our bodies like well-oiled machines, fine-tuning and calibrating every aspect of our life in order to create elite sexual performances.

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I condensed all the industry secrets only disclosed by experts into an easy-to-read (and easy-to-implement) how-to guide.

In this guide, I will take you by the hand and show you how to live as long as you choose.

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